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    Dr. Abdul Basit

    I am Abdul Basit, a restoration fanatic based in Lahore, blogging about how to restore your rusty goods to make them shine again.

    By profession, I am a resident surgeon Head & Neck at one of the top medical university ( King Edward Medical University), but love restoring stuff and giving them a new life. I will be sharing all the good stuff I have learned over the years.

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    • How to Remove Rust from a Gun: A Full Guide
      Life is getting too busy, and sometimes it is hard to find time for your hobbies. Yet alone, finding your loved gun rusted would certainly make you feel sad. After all, guns are made out of metal, and they do corrode. Extensive use, high humidity, and contact with water or … Read more
    • How to Remove Rust from Grill?
      Want to use it for long? Then consider timely removing rust from the grill. They are usually made out of cast iron. Cast iron has the ability to rust quite easily and quickly. Therefore it is not uncommon to find your grill-top getting rusty. How to remove rust from grill? … Read more
    • How to Remove Rust Stains from Toilet?
      Rust stains in a toilet look pretty awful, and besides this, they are tough to clean. Bathtubs, sinks, commode all are made out of porcelain. Porcelain is rust-resistant, but the metal attached to it is usually not. I have personally experimented with some stuff, and I will be sharing that … Read more
    • How to Remove Rust from Chrome
      Everybody likes the shine of chrome, and yes, it should feel that way. Besides using chrome for an aesthetic finish, it is mainly focused on prolonging the metal’s life. Though the chrome does not rust but the metal under the surface is the main culprit behind its untidy appearance. The … Read more
    • How to Remove Rust from a Knife.
      It is not uncommon to find a knife in your kitchen showing signs of rust. From preparing breakfast to making your dinner, knives are essentially used always. After all, knives are made out of metal, and they do corrode but don’t worry, I will be sharing my personal experience and … Read more
    • How To Remove Rust Stains From Plastic
      Plastic is everywhere, and with the use, plastic often gets some stains either from catching moisture or through contact with water, and it looks hideous. I was curious about getting these rust stains removed, so I researched the matter, and here is my personal experience. How to remove rust stains … Read more


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